About Us

Welcome to RetroClipArt.com!

You’ve just arrived at the #1, most popular and highest quality collection in the world of authentic B&W advertising images from the ‘40s and ‘50s.

We originally began this endeavor back in 1996, when we went online with our original site, RetroAdArt.com. After getting a lot of responses from people all across the country offering to sell us more collections of retro advertising art, we decided we needed to do something bigger, so we got to work and launched this site RetroClipArt.com in 2005, which now features over 4200 images.

Since then, we have joined forces with several affiliates, including Shutterstock, AdobeStock, Alamy, 123RF, DepositPhotos, Dreamstime, Bigstock and PixtaStock, who all feature our collection.

Interestingly, the images we have online represent less than 5% of our total inventory. Processing and vectorizing images is a very difficult task, but we have big plans to get a lot more amazing images into production soon so that they will be made available to the world and will thus be preserved and immortalized for all time!

We hope you enjoy your visit here. Have a look through the images, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-830-1212, or send us an email at info@retroclipart.com.

Why should you purchase images from RetroClipArt.com?

By supporting this website, you are helping to contribute to the world’s greatest archive of authentic retro advertising art.

Simply put, this stuff is just amazing. We are trying desperately to resurrect and vectorize all these images, but it costs an average of about $100 per image, from the time it’s located, scanned, cleaned, vectorized, and added to the online cart with all the keywords and associated files. Its a ton of work!

So when you purchase these images, the bulk of your payment is actually going towards the processing of more and more images. It’s a community effort! We do it because this artwork is incredible first of all, but also in honor of all the amazing, nameless artists of yesteryear who studied so hard and worked so diligently to create it. In those days, their names were never publicized. It was just a job they did... they punched in at 9am, and punched out at 5, and received their measly paychecks every second week, and never even thought about receiving any accolades from anyone other than their bosses or their fellow workers for the amazing artwork they created.

So we’re counting on you to help make this collection much more amazing. It’s a service to all of humanity that this incredible work be preserved for all times!