Border 2


Border for Gardening Ad
Keywords: Border, Borders, Signs, Hand Pumps, Gardening Supplies, Tools, Pots, Shovels, Hoes, Rakes, String, Shrubs, Trees, Spades, Watering Cans, Seeds, Home and Garden, Barns, Farms, Farming, Farmers, Barnyards, Collage, Retro, Clip, Art, Retro Clipart, Forties, Fifties, Graphics, Drawings, '40s, '50s, Vector, Scalable, Advertising, Classic, 1940's, 1950's, Vintage, Nostalgia, Americana

Note: These elements are actually in a horizontal row for use as border artwork. They've been split up in order to fit into this thumbnail. If you would like to see a clearer image of this border artwork, simply drop us an email.
  • This image was uploaded on Tuesday 22 March, 2005

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