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Customer Feedback  
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We've received so many swell emails, we just had to post them so you can read them for yourself!  Here they are in reverse chronological order, totally unedited...


From: Theresa Funk <tfunk40@icloud.com>
Date: December 5, 2013 1:53:31 PM PST (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: ORDER # 11594 Unable to Download

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the reply... I do apologize for getting your name wrong...I feel quite bad...please accept my apologies. If it is any consolation, people insist on calling me Terry, I always explain to them that I am not the professional wrestler...it's the price you have to pay. Thanks again for your help...awesome website!

I am using a Mac...sadly it was not on the downloads folder...it is no where to be found. The 1st place I looked was in the downloads folder.

This is the first time I have ever had problems downloading from your site...maybe it was a bad connection or something...

Thanks for all of your help!

Theresa :)


From: Alice Taylor <alicet@dalycitygov.com>
Date: September 13, 2013 9:49:38 AM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: 50s culture suggestion


Wonderful; so glad I could help! Thank you again for making such a nice website...it's been very useful! And thanks for including my suggestion - I can't wait to show the club! (I think it looks perfect the way you posted it, too! :)

Keep up the good work :)



From: Patrick Gibson <patrick@pikanik.ca>
Date: September 2, 2013 10:44:15 PM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: RetroClipArt.com

Hi Tony, thanks for the great resource! It's actually my wife's lunch counter, and it's located in South Surrey/White Rock. (My office is in Gastown, and that's the address I used.)

The artwork was perfect and my wife absolutely loved it:


Thanks for getting in touch,



From: K Stump <stumpfam@earthlink.net>
Date: September 2, 2013 6:15:19 AM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Download Link

Thank you so much Tony. I'm using the image on a poster for my daughter. Thanks also for the kind offer. I'll take "Scroll Border With Diamond".


From: John Holt <jrhgasman@gmail.com>
Date: August 26, 2013 4:31:28 PM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Secure transactions?

Thanks for the update to your website. I completed my little transaction today. That was really efficient! I'll be back!
John Holt


From: "Annette Riley" <ariley@annetteriley.com>
Date: August 13, 2013 8:12:37 AM PDT (CA)
To: "Tony Bosley" <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: RetroClipArt Image
Reply-To: ariley@annetteriley.com

Hi Tony,

No problem at all. Thank you so much for going out of your way to get me
this image. Much appreciated!



From: Laurel Petty <laurel.petty@iostudio.com>
Date: July 31, 2013 7:47:39 AM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Uncle Sam

thanks, Tony! I love it. I just made the paypal payment.
you guys have been great!


From: Laurel Petty <laurel.petty@iostudio.com>
Date: July 30, 2013 7:48:53 AM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Uncle Sam

Tony, this is perfect! i love it! Not TOO friendly, not too gruff. It's great!!!


From: dan@platinumentertainmentgroup.com
Date: July 25, 2013 2:35:10 PM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Order 11270 problem

Thank you Tony, Your customer service is always great which is why i
always come back.
I would like "man proposing" as my choice of image.
Thanks again!


From: Laurel Petty <laurel.petty@iostudio.com>
Date: July 24, 2013 12:41:05 PM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: potential to commission a custom drawing

Hi Tony!
Thank you SO MUCH for getting back to me so quickly.

I suppose initially, I was imagining that Uncle Sam would have to basically be recreated from the neck up, as (for whatever reason) my client is looking for the more traditional, head on view of Uncle Sam from the famous recruiting poster. I realize, this may be a lot to ask in the scope of our turn-around time, but do you think there would be any way to re-create a new version of sam, so that his head and his eyes are a little more straight on? I would guess that right now he's about at a 45 angle, and we wouldn't necessarily have to have him looking us dead on, if his head was slightly turned (in order to preserve so much of what I love right nowĶthe whisps of hair on his head and in his beard, etc.)

We're definitely willing to pay whatever it may take to make this happen, if there's in fact time to make it happen.

As for quality of your artĶYES! it is the very best I have found out there. And I have been searching for days and weeks. Your stuff is so brilliantly executed.

Let me know what you think!


From: Laurel Petty <laurel.petty@iostudio.com>
Date: July 24, 2013 8:20:40 AM PDT (CA)
To: "info@retroclipart.com" <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: potential to commission a custom drawing


I have been using one of your images from Shutterstock on a comp that I have presented to my client. (uncle sam with an eagle.) We had to remove the eagle, and the client also wants uncle sam to be looking at the reader, instead of looking away. But I absolutely LOVE the execution of your clip art, and I was wondering if you would be available to modify/recreate an uncle sam for me (practically identical to the version pasted below), only with uncle sam looking right at you.

I'm not sure what kind of turn-around timeline you work on, but I've got a client presentation next Friday, Aug. 2, so I would need this graphic executed in only about a week. I am more than happy to pay a rush fee, however, if applicable.

Please let me know if this is something that you would be willing/interested in executing for us.

many thanks!!


From: Mike North <manorth7@gmail.com>
Date: 15 July, 2013 7:55:08 PM PDT
To: Tony Bosley <retroclipart@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Getting Link for Paid Clipart

Thanks Tony. I finally navigated to the page where I could access my account and then was able to download the clipart. I will definitely be back. Love the choices!

Just as constructive feedback, it would be very helpful to be able to log in to accounts from the home page. If I hadn't clicked on the "catalog" page, I wouldn't have figured it out.

Thanks again Tony!


From: "SierraBASE LLC" <ken@sierrabase.com>
Date: June 11, 2013 4:38:01 PM PDT (CA)
To: "'Tony Bosley'" <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: RE: RetroClipArt images

Was kind of weird. We have an ecommerce site also and strange things seem to happen at times..

Thanks for the quick service!


From: Marty Slusser <marty@ignitionmetalartdesign.com>
Date: March 31, 2013 11:03:34 AM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: RE: Order Process

Got it thanks Tony

I really like your site, I was happy find so many retro images to work
from. I do CNC cut metal art and have passed on your website to others on
a forum I visit

Marty Slusser
Ignition Metal Art Design
Claremont, CA
909 660 09I3


From: Elizabeth Bakhtiyari <ebakhti@gmail.com>
Date: March 8, 2013 3:52:54 PM PST (CA)
To: Retro Bob <robert@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Order Process

Hi Tony,
Yes I got it and the refunds were more than fair... Thank you again.
The images were well received..Refreshing compared to what we are
bombarded with on a daily basis.
Take Care
Elizabeth B.


From: Elizabeth Bakhtiyari <ebakhti@gmail.com>
Date: March 8, 2013 4:44:34 AM PST (CA)
To: Retro Bob <robert@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Order Process

Hey Retro Rob
its Morning in TO
lts all good I'm not tryIng to be. a pain
My bad bout not Knowing eps wouldn't work with my version windows nor on my Android ( 4. l ) tablet
I understand
still like your site and will Use In future
Wouldn't be right for me to Cascade what I didn't pay for.
Sure others probably would
Believe it or not I'm an Art School Grad turned IT tech Analyst ( was worried I'd starve as an artist )
GOOD for you for sticking to your roots
Much continued success with your website!
Hope to get back to my art when I retire :o)
will spread the word !


From: simonjamesgreen@me.com
Date: January 24, 2013 6:52:43 AM PST (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Licensing Agreement - Boy Eating Cake

Hi Tony,

Thanks very much - all received and a pleasure doing business with you!

I think retro art is quite popular over here at the moment, although I think there's also a lot to be said about your site which is full of great images, full of personality and style - whereas a lot of 'stock' image and photo sites are just terrible (to be frank) - so that might also be why you're quite popular I suspect! The intellectual property issue is an interesting one - but I firmly believe in paying people who create content - why wouldn't you? It drives me mad that so many people are quite happy to steal images / movies / TV shows / music and use and enjoy them without paying anyone for the work they did in creating them. Don't get me started!

Anyway - thanks again, I love the image and it suits us perfectly and congratulations on running a great site with great images.

All best,


Simon James Green
+44(0)7976 376 879


From: simonjamesgreen@me.com
Date: January 23, 2013 4:48:01 AM PST (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Logo

Hello again -

Just paid the invoice - let me know when you've got it!

Thanks for all your help, it's much appreciated. And again, congratulations on such a great site with some fantastic images!

All best,


Simon James Green
+44(0)7976 376 879








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