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Customer Feedback
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We've received so many swell emails, we just had to post them so you can read them for yourself!  Here they are in reverse chronological order, totally unedited...


From: klnpiano@aol.com
Date: December 28, 2009 1:54:47 PM PST (CA)
To: info@retroclipart.com

Thanks for the blast from the past!
If you'd like a fabulous 1951 Henry J Top Sportsman Race Car
( transformed from an abandoned junker in the Arizona desert after 30 yrs
into an award winning race car...) would LOVE to be included on your site!
Please take a peek!  www.rememberwhenracing.com
1951 Henry J Top Sportsman
Fastest Steel Body Henry J in the USA
Dave Granger Driver/Owner  - Co Owner John Wiley
Tinley Park, Illinois USA ( Division 3 - Home Track: Route 66 Joliet, Illinois)


  From: Chocolate Library <scolamartino@mac.com>
Date: December 23, 2009 6:49:40 AM PST (CA)
To: info@retroclipart.com
Subject: reproduction enquiry

Hi There, 

I really love your website and buy into what you are doing by working with authentic images. As a designer I am really really impressed.!

I run a small chocolate company based in Scotland and a big selling point of our bars is the packaging.

I have been working on some ideas for Valentine and Christmas bars and want to try to do something a bit retro.

I  purchased two of your images: 1 x Hit Of The Party and 1 x What A Man and have been playing around with them and think they could work. 

You say on your website to contact you directly to discuss paying an additional fee if we intend to resell the product which we use the image on. That is fine although as we are still a relatively new company it's really hard to say how many bars we will sell. 

I ideally want to create 4 Valentine bars and 4 Christmas bars and start selling them online and in a few Uk gifts shops - if I can persuade any retailers to take them. I have no problem at all crediting your website on the bar box. 

If we can initially keep the extended usage fee low so I can give it a go, I will try to come up with a set of 8 bars in the same style that only use images from your collection. If they prove popular, I could also add Birthday, Wedding and New Baby bars..

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Regards, Sandra

Sandra Colamartino
The Chocolate Library Ltd


From: Matt Puchlerz <matt@puchlerz.com>
Date: December 19, 2009 11:01:30 AM PST (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Retro Clip Art


Thank *you* for the great service! I'll be sure to refer my friends.



From: "Hector Coris" <hcoris@2st.com>
Date: November 24, 2009 12:05:47 PM PST (CA)
To: "Tony Bosley" <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: RE: Order Process

Thank for your call, Tony!
I figured out the no-tax thing and those two images were fine as is.
Hope to do more business in the future!
Hector/Second Stage Theatre


From: "Tom & Cathy Petersen" <crpetersens@aol.com>
Date: October 24, 2009 2:13:54 PM PDT (CA)
To: "'Tony Bosley'" <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: RE: Order number 4871 - Tom Petersen

You rock! Thanks so much for the timely response! Have a great weekend. Tom


From: kathrynwilsonlaratte@gmail.com
Date: October 14, 2009 3:00:59 PM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Re: Enquiry from Retro Clip Art

Thank you -- the jpgs worked just fine. I have no idea why the download links didn't work for me before but thank you for providing such excellent service in getting me what I needed!
Kate Wilson


From: Michael Perrick <mperrick@sbcglobal.net>
Date: October 14, 2009 10:35:56 AM PDT (CA)
To: info@retroclipart.com
Subject: Crime Art

Hello, I am interested in Vintage Crime Art. would you have a collection of such images? I love your site...

Michael Perrick


From: "A. Guidry" <voltima@comcast.net>
Date: October 10, 2009 9:33:20 AM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Image Browsers

Well Tony, you didn’t have to send the extra images but Thanks!

I’m in the process of publishing a local paper and I ran across your site late one night. Retro won’t be the entire theme of the whole paper but your images are very cool and I really like the black and white starkness of them. They’ll be great filler for dead spots with no content, per say.

Anyway, you’ve been a super-nice guy to deal with and I do really appreciate it. Should I run across anyone that either a) needs images or b) would like a very cool website designed, I will definitely send them to you. [I may contact you later on the website layout for the paper]

Thanks for being such a professional and not getting hot-headed over my whining.



From: "A. Guidry" <voltima@comcast.net>
Date: October 9, 2009 7:58:25 AM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Image Browsers

Hi Tony:

Seriously, I understand that the CD is comprised of images. I have used the Simple Image Browser that you sent. I can view the images within the browser. I just couldn’t understand why you guys didn’t create an installer for OSX. I still don’t understand that; you might include that in your next edition.

Anyway, I’m not gonna get crossways with you over the images. You have a very cool collection and I’m happy with the images. I can definitely use them for what I intended.

I got beside myself last night so I’ll retract the Pay Pal dispute and everyone can go on with their lives, OK?

Thanks for being a very nice, professional guy [I’m assuming with the spelling of Tony] and Nice Collection!



From: Tracey Miller <tmiller@megalink.net>
Date: October 3, 2009 10:43:09 AM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: RetroClipArt.com Purchase

Wow! Thank you so much! Yes, had meant to click the EPS option for that one, but forgot -- and I checked out before I realized it. I appreciate your sending the file!


From: Chris Guild <theshy_retirer@yahoo.com>
Date: September 25, 2009 2:34:07 PM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Expired Download links

Thank you so much Tony!
Your site has a lot of great images and I always keep you guys in mind.
Thanks again!


From: "Rob Miller" <ry_Miller6214@dangerbase.com>
Date: September 15, 2009 10:18:36 PM PDT (CA)
To: "Tony Bosley" <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Enquiry from Retro Clip Art

I find your site very exciting.


From: "Lisa Askey" <lmaskey@cox.net>
Date: September 15, 2009 9:45:16 PM PDT (CA)
To: "'Tony Bosley'" <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: RE: RetroClipArt Order

Wow, thank you! GREAT customer service! I didn't even notice... :0 But I
would have, because the big bully was one of my fav's, so thank you very
much for sending it on!

Yes, I am working a few projects for my business Chicky Bella, and for a
friend's business called Free Marketers - both very interesting!

Thanks again, Tony, I will surely be doing more business with you in the

Lisa Askey
Chicky Bella


From: Bella Guzman <bella@highwirecreative.com>
Date: September 5, 2009 5:37:22 PM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Cc: MAUREEN GOODWILL <mogood@shaw.ca>, Adgraphics <eiler@adgraphics.com>
Subject: Re: Enquiry from Retro Clip Art

Ha! I really appreciate it. I noticed the EPS and JPG when I first found the site, but when it came time to by I didn't think about it until I clicked order. Thank you for taking care of this on a Saturday. I am on a deadline, so this is very helpful.



From: Marshall Price <mp@marshallprice.com>
Date: September 3, 2009 3:26:16 PM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Order Process

Well that's pretty random. The Henderson connection..heh. Yea, the Luxor is cool, you gotta check out the new City Center thing they're building. Its massive! I work next door at the Bellagio and its just mind-bogglingly large...like 7 hotels all in one block.

And actually yea, when you get a sec if you could send me the 50s greaser in a .eps file, that'd be cool. Turns out that's what I need. I barely know what I'm doing...so I apologize for taking up your time. But I'm figuring things out now and I'm happy with the results. So thanks!!



From: Marshall Price <mp@marshallprice.com>
Date: September 3, 2009 12:07:14 AM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Order Process

It absolutely worked! Thanks Tony! They look great! I'm thinking about buying one more image so I hate to trouble you, but I might need your assistance again. I'll let you know for sure after I attempt a download. Thanks again!



From: Marshall Price <mp@marshallprice.com>
Date: September 2, 2009 10:50:29 PM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Order Process

Hey Tony, thank you SO much for your very fast and professional reply!! I will let you know how these work in a bit. But regardless, you really went above and beyond by sending me all this so quickly! Thank you so much kind sir,



From: "ashley dyer" <ashley@freshgreendesign.com>
Date: August 21, 2009 12:42:37 PM PDT (CA)
To: "'Tony Bosley'" <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: RE: Order Process

Yes! It worked perfectly! Thank you for the quick response and the follow
up! Great customer service!

Ashley Dyer, LEED AP
Interior Designer

616 308 7493 mobile


From: Adam Sothcott <adamsothcott@googlemail.com>
Date: August 14, 2009 6:08:55 AM PDT (CA)
To: info@retroclipart.com
Subject: Royalty fees for using artwork on t-shirts

Great site, but what are the royalty fees like?




From: laura lea miller <travelinsightsgroup@yahoo.com>
Date: August 4, 2009 12:14:09 PM PDT (CA)
To: Retro Bob <robert@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: images for use on a website

Thanks so very much for getting back to me so quickly...I'll check back periodically to see what you've added - and thanks for the links.
Laura Miller 


From: Elizabeth Wolf <elizabeth.wolf7@gmail.com>
Date: July 28, 2009 8:30:33 AM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: order malfunction

Got 'em! Thanks for your help, Tony. It was a pleasure talking with you, too.

Your clipart collection is great! I'll be back, for sure.



From: Aimee Bentley <bentley@alma.edu>
Date: July 7, 2009 2:31:46 PM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Welcome to Retro Clip Art


Thank you again for following up with me regarding my attempted purchase. I
figured I had entered something incorrect after the card didn't go through
the first few times and then panicked at the thought that what if it does
later (and how many purchases of the same 2 items I would have to
embarrassingly explain to my boss). A client distraction kept me from
following up with you so I truly appreciated your contacting me.

I would like to say thank you for your superb customer service (even before
the purchase...imagine that!). As a part-time designer for Alma College and
a part-time freelancer you have left an impression and certainly won a

Thanks and Best Wishes,

Aimee Bentley
Graphic Designer
Public Relations and Marketing
Alma College


From: "ACT1 NowPlaying" <info@act1nowplaying.com>
Date: June 18, 2009 3:57:36 PM PDT (CA)
To: <info@retroclipart.com>
Cc: <info@act1nowplaying.com>
Subject: Hello Retro Bob - would like to swap website links with ya - from Bill Williams @ www.act1nowplaying.com

Hello Retro Bob –
Love your site – great job.
I am also trying to carry on the retro tradition.  Permission to swap website links with ya.   Ours is www.act1nowplaying.com
Regards, Bill


From: "abigail" <abigail@indicustom.com>
Date: June 9, 2009 12:05:45 PM PDT (CA)
To: "'Tony Bosley'" <info@retroclipart.com>
Cc: "'Maureen Goodwill'" <mogood@shaw.ca>
Subject: RE: RetroClipArt.com

Actually, Tony, on your website there was no option to purchase the EPS version of Retro Bob (see screenshot below).
I did want the EPS version—so thanks so much for sending it! You guys are great. J

Abigail Holtz


From: "Karen T. Rinehimer" <letter-perfect@att.net>
Date: May 28, 2009 2:22:21 PM PDT (CA)
To: "'Tony Bosley'" <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: RE: Order #4399

Dear Tony –
Thank you for the quick response!
It was “RetroSecretary” that I need … I’ll check the site in the morning and re-download it …
Tks again ….
Karen T. Rinehimer
321.266.3179 - cell
321.821.1857 - fax
www.letter-perfect.biz - Coming soon!


From: "Karen T. Rinehimer" <letter-perfect@att.net>
Date: May 16, 2009 8:24:26 AM PDT (CA)
To: <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Love your site!

Good morning!
First, I’ve been on your site for the last …. 2 hours?  And just love it.  Finding lots of clipart perfect for my business!

Question – I’ll be using the clipart on my business cards, letterhead, advertising, webpage, etc … will I require a license for that?  Nothing is going to be for “resale”  (I basically have a typing/word processing business).  Will just be using it to generate business for me  J  and I have found a dozen or so that will work out great, so there’s a little bit of money in it for you J
Again, you have one of the most fun (and useful!) sites I found. 
Look forward to hearing from you and thanks for your time,
Karen T. Rinehimer
321.266.3179 - cell
321.821.1857 - fax
www.letter-perfect.biz - Coming soon!


From: Lori Bell <muralsfromtheheart@charter.net>
Date: May 13, 2009 9:35:39 AM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: I messed up my download

Thank you so much Tony! I've got it now, I appreciate your help!


From: "Info@magicalomaha.com" <info@magicalomaha.com>
Date: April 29, 2009 6:38:56 PM PDT (CA)
To: info@retroclipart.com
Subject: Re: RetroClipArt.com

You have always been so helpful everytime I have needed something. Thanks for the great service and pics!


From: Chris Haddon <info@mediapie.co.uk>
Date: April 29, 2009 12:52:05 AM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Order Process

Many thanks Tony

Excellent customer service and I'll be sure to use you again in the future.

Could I please have the following image, carhop 2

Many thanks and kind regards



From: "Cashion, Jeffrey R (SN)" <jeffrey.r.cashion@spiritaero.com>
Date: April 28, 2009 6:11:42 PM PDT (CA)
To: "Retro Bob" <robert@retroclipart.com>
Subject: RE: Company Logo

Thank you very much !!! Your images are exactly what I've been looking for. I will be ordering soon.


From: Chris Haddon <info@mediapie.co.uk>
Date: April 27, 2009 11:22:42 AM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Order Process

Many thanks Tony.

Something went wrong but unsure what, but your help is very much appreciated.

Kind regards



From: Judi Western <pjnkids@verizon.net>
Date: April 13, 2009 11:18:18 AM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: EPS files

Good to know. I've never worked with a EPS file before. I guess that explains why everything else gets fuzzy and grainy.I currently don't have a graphics program. I was just hoping to install them and of course cut and paste. Is there any other way to use the clip art without a graphics program, since they are pretty pricey?
There was a few of the graphics I was interested in. They are all absolutely wonderful, and are the best around! I'm going to use them for a 50's themed school district volunteer awards dinner program on the awards, invites and program.


From: Matt Steinruck <slidemaster@gmail.com>
Date: April 10, 2009 1:40:51 PM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: RetroClipArt.com

tony, thanks so much for your personal assistance.
the image worked perfectly and is just what i needed.
it's next to impossible to find what you guys have there anywhere else online.
much appreciated!


From: Arika Jacobs <arikajacobs@yahoo.com>
Date: April 8, 2009 6:43:43 PM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: RetroClipArt.com

thank you.
I did mean to purchase both jpgs.
very good customer service.
Arika Jacobs
Vice President Of Design
Tai Sang Commercial Building
24-34 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 3741.0000
Mobile: (852) 9673.9133
USA Mobile: (310) 621.5652
Email: Arika.Jacobs@homeessentials.net


From: rachel_barevich@bellsouth.net
Date: April 7, 2009 4:45:33 PM PDT (CA)
To: info@retroclipart.com

Your designs are great. I would like to use them to create embroidery designs to sell. What is your requirement for this? I am an "at home" embroidery enthusiast and I do not currently have any designs that I market. But I have some ideas that I would like to use some of your images for and perhaps..one day sell the embroidery designs... is this allowed?
Thank you,
Rachel Barevich


From: brian eberhard <eberhardbrian@yahoo.com.au>
Date: March 30, 2009 3:49:45 PM PDT (CA)
To: robert@retroclipart.com
Subject: retro fonts

hey bob
love your web site. I am about to build my retro caravan web site and some one told me that using fonts that are not installed on the publics computers cannot be read from awebsite is this correct. I wish to use your fonts and clip art to build my site
regards, Australia

Brian Eberhard


From: Brian Eastly <bnmeastly@verizon.net>
Date: March 18, 2009 4:04:25 PM PDT (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Welcome to Retro Clip Art

Thanks. Love the site. Has some really great images on it. Much better than other sites I have looked at.


Brian Eastly


From: Justin Clark <justin@hijustin.com>
Date: March 5, 2009 9:44:54 PM PST (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: RetroClipArt.com - Service Station Man Update

Thank you! I appreciate it, it looks great.

+ +
+ +


From: anita degeatano <a_degeatano@yahoo.com>
Date: February 25, 2009 1:08:20 AM PST (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Where is my clip art
Reply-To: a_degeatano@yahoo.com

Thank you for the quick service.  I did exactly as you said and my search did not find it.  So I just save it from the image you sent.  I also found it in my history.
Thanks again,


From: Kristina Calvert <calcolerich@hotmail.com>
Date: January 29, 2009 5:44:32 PM PST (CA)
To: <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: RE: Order Process

Hi Tony~
I ordered these clip arts, but didn't see the place to specify they need to be .jpg, now i can't open them!
Can you please help?  I'm in the middle of working with my web designer, and we really need them.


From: Michael Jones <belikemikester@gmail.com>
Date: January 27, 2009 1:56:59 PM PST (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Order Process

Thanks, Worked great. Love your stuff!


From: Jokubran@aol.com
Date: January 24, 2009 2:10:45 PM PST (CA)
To: info@retroclipart.com
Subject: Re: Golfing Couple


I've been on a computer for the last 17 years and have always been able to download JPEGs, etc.  I've never received a "MacResourceFork.zip" before.  Anyway, I finally managed to drag the clip art off the e-mail you sent onto the desktop. 

So all is well again.

Thanks for your patience.  Next time I'll be sure to get it right the first time when on your website.
Love & kisses,

: > )


From: Jacqueline Rogers <kteshow4u@gmail.com>
Date: January 22, 2009 2:33:01 PM PST (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: How to disable folder extension hiding

That's OK, I should have remembered also. Now I can add bright girl, thanks for having such cool clip art b&w is the best!


From: "Roger Allen" <rogerallen123@gmail.com>
Date: January 11, 2009 10:07:00 PM PST (CA)
To: "Tony Bosley" <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Order Process

Wow! That was excellent service!


From: "Roger Allen" <rogerallen123@gmail.com>
Date: January 11, 2009 8:49:57 PM PST (CA)
To: "Tony Bosley" <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Order Process

I know this is unusal. I had all my computer files ruined. Is there anyway to re-establish  the link for item I previouslly purchased.? I really liked your images and had good sucess with them.
Roger Allen


From: Melissa Rhodes <rhodesmeli@aol.com>
Date: January 6, 2009 2:55:54 PM PST (CA)
To: Tony Bosley <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: RetroClipArt.com

thank you - this is great! I am using it in my son's school auction catalog.


From: "Mark Fijman" <mfijman@comcast.net>
Date: January 1, 2009 7:03:09 PM PST (CA)
To: "Tony Bosley" <info@retroclipart.com>
Subject: Re: Retro Clip Art - Secure Server
Reply-To: "Mark Fijman" <mfijman@comcast.net>

Thank you for the detailed reply which fully addressed my concerns.  I will be placing an order shortly.

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